International Removals

Why so many people choose BigD Removals

There’s a lot involved when it comes to an international move.

When we ship internationally, we are fully aware that your life possessions need to arrive safely. Relocating is a scary and difficult task and that’s why we appoint you a dedicated Move Manager. Our Move Managers help you by providing support during the entire process.

There’s a lot to consider when shipping your possessions abroad. Using our experience, we can cut through the paperwork and ensure your goods are despatched safely and arrive safely at your new home.

We can advise you up front too on the costs involved and provide accurate shipping times.

Our service

We ship to all destinations worldwide and operate from Benfleet, Essex. We have a network across the UK and preferred partners in the vast majority of popular countries worldwide.

We can also advise on the necessary insurance for transporting your goods.

Next steps

It’s best to start planning well in advance if you’re moving home. Why not contact one of our support staff today for a no obligation quotation? We’re ready to help you.

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